At Worker Bee Media, we wanted to create the ultimate one-stop shop for all things Internet and Digital Marketing, where any business can get access to the highest quality online marketing services.

How Is Digital Marketing Different from Other Kinds of Marketing?

The key difference between Digital marketing and other forms of marketing can be summed up in two words: direct engagement. When you buy an ad in the local newspaper, you’re assuming that a potential customer will see that ad, read it, and engage you or your business to make a purchase. The same goes for any traditional advertising method i.e TV, Billboards and even Direct Mail. That’s a lot of assumptions!

With digital marketing, We have the opportunity to create an audience and meet your clients anywhere they are online. These Audiences can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you are there too, we can begin to create an Audience—and here’s where the Buzz begins to happen. 

Once we get in front of them, we can engage them and get them to interact with your brand. Through our content creation strategies we can encourage them to share a picture or video about your product with their friends. We can gather direct customer service insights and perpetually advertise to your audience .This in turn creates more buzz for your business. The more active your audience becomes the conversation begins to cause people to start talking about and sharing what you put on your social media accounts, this gives your Brand the best opportunity to become a top of mind reference when they or their friends need your services.

Our Strategy 

Step 1. 

​​Before we begin, Our team spends time understanding how your business currently uses the Internet as a Marketing Platform. We will analyze your website’s current presence, identify potential keywords to target, Search results and placement  opportunities as well as a current social media and backlinks audit. We also spend time developing clear and quantifiable social media goals and objectives.


​​This step allows your team to gain a fully comprehensive understanding of how your brand is doing online and how we plan to help

Step 2. ​

Once we have assessed your current internet impact we begin to create a plan of action to identify your audience and how we will tell your story. We tailor creative content with our fellow Worker Bees in the Audio, Visual and Digital Production to curate distribution channels to better attract and engage your audience.  


This step allows you to create a conversational platform to share your Brand. 

Step 3.​

We evaluate how the brand is engaging and where it can accelerate growth. Based on the goals set in Step 1 we are able to show the impact that direct engagement on your social media channel provides to your Brand.